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ABOUT US and our mission

With over 10 years of global experience in Design Engineering, Manufacturing and Project Management, METECH Innovations stands at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions. Founded and led by Marco Schembri, an italian MIT-certified professional with a proven track record of collaborating extensively with international companies, our journey is one of innovation and excellence.

Over the years, we have traversed the globe, visiting fairs and factories and gaining firsthand insights into global manufacturing practices. This rich experience has been instrumental in shaping the culture of METECH Innovations.

Our team, draws upon this collective expertise to assemble dynamic project teams tailored to your unique requirements. Each endeavor is guided by our commitment to deliver on time and with the highest level of professionalism.

At METECH Innovations, we specialize in a wide range of industries, including medical devices and prosthetics, consumer electronics, mechanical parts, sport equipment, transportation, textile, baby products, pets and more, ensuring that our expertise spans diverse sectors to meet your specific needs, thanks to our comprehensive services encompassing Product Development, 3D CAD modeling, Prototyping, Injection Molding, R&D, Reverse Engineering, Certifications, and much more. Our team of experts seamlessly integrates technical proficiency with a creative approach, consistently surpassing industry norms.

Whether you seek groundbreaking designs, efficient manufacturing processes, or expert guidance, we provide comprehensive services that guarantee your projects thrive and achieve remarkable success, always staying ahead of deadlines.

Join us on this journey as we transform the engineering landscape.


Reach out today to discover how METECH Innovations can turn your vision into reality. thinking and artistic appearance combined in a clean design.


Harnessing the power of digital connectivity to revolutionize project management, streamline file sharing, and simplify billing, we transcend geographical boundaries to serve clients across the globe.

But that's not all.


Our passion for the environment runs deep as we embrace a cutting-edge ethos of sustainable design that is truly remarkable. From eco-conscious workflows to innovations, we are shaping a greener future whit both our way of working and our designs and manufacturing processes.

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